Boule Academy™

A new educational excellence platform from which our customers and their staff will get access to different certified trainings, educations and webinars related to Boule´s range of products.

If you wish to attend any of the events, please contact Boule Academy team via already now and we will confirm the receipt of your request and put you on the list of attendants for the specific event. Once we are getting closer to the event we will then send you more detailed information about the event.

We look forward to meeting you online at any of below listed events!

Find instructions how you register to Boule Academy here.

We look forward to meeting you online!

We are happy to share with you Boule´s online Webinar & Education Plan, in which you will find several opportunities to attend various kinds of events throughout the year.

How-to videos

Boule can provide how-to videos about different product features and how to maintain Boule analyzers in the best possible way.

Educational material

Boule Academy also provides different scientific educational materials for our customers to use together with their end-users.

Self-led trainings

Through Boule Academy you will be able to participate in a wide range of self-done trainings and tests to be qualified to work with Boule range of products. The trainings  consists of different presentations and pre-recorded webinars for self-studying and examination.

Webinar & Education Plan

Webinar/education 2023 Category Date
Service training – For Boule partners Technical training 23-27 January


Webinar/education 2022 Category Date
Diagnostics of anemic conditions according to the results of automated hematology systems Scientific & Clinical 22 February
Boule Academy Workshop Inspiration 29 March
Sickle Cell Disease Scientific & Clinical 26 April
Hematology needs – a clinicians perspective Sales inspiration 31 May
Interpretation of a histogram, veterinary focus Scientific & Clinical 13 September
Tender Management – For Boule partners Sales excellence 29 September

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