Boule Academy™

A new educational excellence platform from which our customers and their staff will get access to different certified trainings, educations and webinars related to Boule´s range of products.

Service trainings 2023
for Boule partners

Products Date Place
Swelab Lumi/Medonic M51 23-25 January Stockholm, Sweden
Swelab Alfa Plus/Medonic M32 26-27 January Stockholm, Sweden
Swelab Lumi/Medonic M51 26-28 June Nairobi, Kenya
Swelab Alfa Plus/Medonic M32 29-30 June Nairobi, Kenya
Swelab Lumi/Medonic M51 28-29 August Stockholm, Sweden
Swelab Alfa Plus/Medonic M32 30-31 August Stockholm, Sweden
Exigo H400/ Exigo C200 1 September Stockholm, Sweden
Swelab Lumi/ Medonic M51 4-5 September Jakarta, Indonesia
Swelab Alfa Plus/ Medonic M32 6-7 September Jakarta, Indonesia
Exigo H400/ Exigo C200 8 September Jakarta, Indonesia
Swelab Lumi/Medonic M51 6-7 November Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Swelab Alfa Plus/Medonic M32 8-9 November Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Exigo H400/ Exigo C200 10 November Dubai, United Arab Emirates


If you wish to attend any of the events, please contact Boule Academy team via already now and we will confirm the receipt of your request and put you on the list of attendants for the specific event. Once we are getting closer to the event we will then send you more detailed information about the event.

We look forward to meeting you online at any of below listed events!

Find instructions how you register to Boule Academy here.