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Boule Diagnostics develops and manufactures diagnostic instruments and consumables for healthcare providers worldwide. The company’s primary focus is in small to medium-sized hospitals, clinics, and laboratories in both human and veterinary diagnostics.

Boule´s expertise

Many years in the field of blood diagnostics form the basis of our expertise. By working close to laboratory specialists, we have become experts on understanding the very special needs within hematology and clinical chemistry testing.

Our products

Boule develops, manufactures, and markets complete blood count (CBC) analyzers and consumables for both human and veterinary diagnostic markets, keeping quality in focus.

  • Human/Veterinary hematology analyzers
  • Veterinary clinical chemistry analyzer
  • Reagents, controls & calibrators

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Boule Diagnostics AB is a global diagnostics company that develops, manufactures and markets instruments and consumable products for blood diagnostics. The company serves hospitals, clinics, laboratories and companies within blood diagnostics, in both human and veterinary hematology. The Boule shares are listed on Nasdaq Stockholm since 2011.

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