Five Year Overview

Financial overview

Boule group (31 DEC)20202019201820172016
Net sales, SEK million400499424428397
Sales growth, average five year,%410999
Gross margin, %44.245.344.747.448.1
EBITDA margin, %13.918.314.915.314.3
Operating profit/loss, SEK million-670555447
Operating margin (EBIT), %-1.51412,912,711,9
Net profit/loss, SEK million-4838413736
Earnings per share, SEK *-2.471.932.111.910.82
Shareholders’ equity, SEK million269333300262230
Equity/assets ratio, %5657606363
Average number of employees during the year219213181164174

*The earnings per share key ratios for the comparative periods have been recalculated to adjust for the stock split in June 2018.

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