Boule Controls & Calibrators

Ensure performance

One of the most important elements of a complete hematology system is the quality control (QC) material. Our Calibrator and Control products are provided as part of the Boule Total Quality Concept to ensure performance of our hematology analyzers.

Easy handling

Boule control materials use barcode scanning for secure handling and assay sheet registration, minimizing the risk of error when manually entering control reference values. Advanced quality control functions built into Boule analyzers include Levey- Jennings charts, XB-function and QC reports.

Use of Boule Cal

• When a hematology analyzer is first installed in an end-user laboratory.
• After major preventive maintenance or replacement of critical parts.
• After yearly service.
• After major instrument repair.
• When results from control materials indicate an unusual trend or shift of analyzer performance.

Use of Boule Con

• Every day as a routine QC procedure.
• At the start and end of a day’s work.
• When the analyzer is restarted after a complete shut-down.
• When changing reagents between lots or within the same manufacturing lot.
• When an unexpected abnormal patient result is reported.

Marketing Material


Article nameArticle descriptionArticle no.
Exigo veterinary hematology system
Boule Vet Con  1 × 4.5 mL1504026
Boule Vet Con 6 × 4.5 mL1504027
Boule Vet Cal1 × 3 mL1504028
Medonic M32 and Swelab Alfa Plus 3-part hematology systems
Normal 16 parameters1 × 4,5 mL1504019
Low 16 parameters1 × 4,5 mL1504020
High 16 parameters1 × 4,5 mL1504021
Low, normal, high 16 parameters6 × 4,5 mL1504022
Normal 16 parameters6 × 4,5 mL1504043
Low 16 parameters 6 × 4.5 mL1504176
Boule Cal1 × 3 mL1504025
Boule Cal
2 × 3 mL1504045
Medonic M51 5-part and Swelab Lumi hematology systems
Boule Con-5Diff A1 Tri3 × 2 × 3 mL1504518
Boule Con-5Diff A1 Norm6 × 3 mL1504519
Boule Con-5Diff A1 Norm1 × 3 mL1504520
Boule Con-5Diff A1 Low1 × 3 mL1504521
Boule Con-5Diff A1 High1 × 3 mL1504522
Boule Cal-5Diff A11 × 3 mL1504517
Quintus 5-part hematology system
Boule Con-5Diff G2 Tri3 × 2 × 3 mL1504376
Boule Con-5Diff G2 High6 × 3 mL1504377
Boule Con-5Diff G2 Norm6 × 3 mL1504378
Boule Con-5Diff G2 Low6 × 3 mL1504379
Boule Con-5Diff G2 High1 × 3 mL1504380
Boule Con-5Diff G2 Norm1 × 3 mL1504381
Boule Con-5Diff G2 Low1 × 3 mL1504382
Boule Cal-5Diff G21 × 3 mL1504375

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