Exigo C200 panels

Exigo C200 panels offers an easy and quick route to multiplex analysis of animal blood. The panels comprise up to 17 different parameters, developed and combined to support the clinician in assessing the health status or diagnosis of a patient.

The panels are constructed of lyophilized reagents, pre-packed in plastic discs, ready for use at delivery.

Only 3 simple steps are required for an analysis

Take the blood sample and insert the sample material of choice (serum, plasma or whole blood) into the rotor of choice.

Insert the rotos into the analyzer.

Read the results – less than 12 minutes later.

Product range

Article nameArticle no.
Comprehensive  panel1430002
Health check panel1430003
Liver panel1430004
Kidney panel1430005
Electrolyte panel1430006
Pre-operation panel1430008
Canine CRP panel1430009
Feline SAA panel1430011
Rotor_related products


Comprehensive  panelALB, ALP, ALT, AMY, AST, CREA, GLOB, GLU, GGT, TB, TC, TG, TP, UA, UREA,

U/C, A/G

Health check panelALB,ALT, AMY, AST, Ca2+, CK, CREA, GLOB, GLU,  PHOS, TB, TG, TP,


Liver panelALB, ALP, ALT, AST, GLOB, GGT, TB, TBA, TC, TP, A/G
Kidney panelALB, Ca2+, CREA, GLU, PHOS, TCO2, UA, UREA, U/C
Electrolyte panelCa2+, Cl-, K+,  Mg2+, Na+, PHOS, TCO2
Pre-operation panelALP, ALT, AST, CK, CREA, GLU, LDH, TP, UREA, U/C
Canine CRP panelAMY, C-CRP, CREA, LPS, UREA, U/C
Feline SAA panelALT, CK, f-SAA, TBA, TP, UREA

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