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Quintus 5-part analyzer

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Quintus 5-part hematology system

Quintus 5-part brings together high-quality instrument with integrated workstation, easy-to handle reagents and a user-friendly interface. The analyzer delivers accurate and reliable complete blood count (CBC) results, with the choice of work-saving walk-away automation. 

Easy operations

The Quintus 5-part analyzer features a host of practical functions. Quick-links give access to main functions, the large display allows clear presentation of results, and an integrated workstation with network and LIS connections smoothens analysis and reporting.

Simple reagent logistics

The Quintus 5-part analyzer operates with just three reagents. Simply scan the barcode on the reagent container and the analyzer stores key information such as lot number, open date and expiry date. To further simplify operation, each reagent is color-coded, and current reagent status is always viewable by touching the lower section of the display.

High-throughput automation

The Quintus 5-part Autoloader for 100 samples is the option for high-workload laboratories. Simple to install, the autoloader features on-board mixing, internal barcode reader, and cap recognition. Emergency samples can be analyzed in the middle of an automated run. 

Product range

Article nameArticle no.
Quintus 5-part analyzer1600001
Quintus autoloader1091348



    26 parametersMeasurement technologies3 barcode-entered reagents and a cleaner
    WBC, LYM, NEU, MONO, EOS, BASO, LYM%WBC 5-part differential: laser-basedQuintus 5-part Diluent, 20 L
    BASO%, RBC, MCV, HGB, HCT, RDW%, RDW, PLToptical methodQuintus 5-part Lyse, 5 L
    MCHC, PCT, PDW%, PDW, P-LCR, P-LCCRBC, PLT, total WBC: impedanceQuintus 5-part Stopper, 1 L
    MPV, MCH,NEU%, MONO%, EOS%HGB: spectrophotometryBoule Hypochlorite 4% Cleaner, 100 mL
    ThroughputSample volumeSampling system
    60 samples/hour100 μLShear valve
    DisplayData storage capacityInterface ports
    10.4 inch color graphics LCD, touch screen100 000 samples4 USB, Ethernet, PS/2 and RS232
    Postscript-compatible printers supporting410 (W) × 470 (D) × 520 (H) mm≤ 35 kg (with autoloader 47 kg)
    PCL 3/5e
    CV WBC: ≤ 1.7%3 barcode-entered reagents and a cleaner:
    CV RBC: ≤ 0.9%Quintus 5-part Diluent, 20 L
    CV MCV: ≤ 0.4% Quintus 5-part Lyse, 5 L
    CV HGB: ≤ 0.65 Quintus 5-part Stopper, 1 L
    CV PLT: ≤ 3.0%Boule Hypochlorite 4% Cleaner, 100 mL

    Disclaimer: Quintus is not for sale in the USA

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    Quintus 5-part hematology analyzer.

    Regular maintenance maximizes uptime and ensures a reliable instrument performance

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