Voice of the customer

Explains the benefits of the Swelab Alfa Plus

Dulce Ivette Jimenez

“I like the Swelab Alpha Plus because it is easy and simple to use, and it delivers a high precision at high speed. The quality control input is very practical! Using the barcode reader, we enter control values very quickly and we avoid the risks of entering them manually. The system makes us feel very confident and we strongly recommend it!”

Pointing out the benefits of micro-capillary function

Dr. Fernando Bonilla

“With Swelab Alfa Plus, we have a highly reliable instrument, easy to use and with an autoloader for the automated handling of a high number of samples. For urgent cases that require an immediate count, and where a tube of venous blood sample is not necessarily available, we have the capillary blood functionality. In such cases, we can use a drop of blood from the patient’s finger to obtain a hemogram with 22 parameters in one minute”.

Shares his view on Boule as a partner in hematology solutions

Gabriel Loarca, Managing Director, Labindustrias

“In order to give good results to the patient, the entire supply chain has to have good quality and good service, so that these standards can be passed on from the supplier, to the distributor, and the laboratory. Our experience with Boule has been stellar“

Shares his view on Boule as a partner in hematology solutions

Saurabh Garg CEO, POCT Group, India

“Boule’s offering is not just a product but a combination of three major attributes: measurement accuracy, reliable diagnostics, and premium after-sales support. Boule products immensely helped us build on our brand promise to bring robust and cost-efficient solutions to end-users on the Indian market.

Explains his use of the MPA capillary blood functionality:

Dr. Irlanda Mohd Idzham, Klinik Idzham Sdn Bhd, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

“The small volume of capillary sample is important when handling infectious diseases. Capillary sampling is also less fearful for children, feeling more comfortable when holding them by the finger rather than grabbing their arm. Therefore, the MPA functionality is the most important feature of Swelab Alfa Plus. This instrument is also the smallest on the market, and easy to use. The results are accurate and consistent, which gives confident to the clinician. The capillary hook holder facilitates sample handling.”


Points out the clinical utility of on-site hematology testing

Bim Boijsen Veterinarian, Destination Kolmården

“Our Exigo instrument is used in our daily clinical activities
in the Wildlife Park and we are very satisfied. Exigo is stable
and easy to use. It’s an instrument we always rely on.”



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