Built on Swedish innovation, Boule offers complete hematology solutions with trusted test results and reliability for its customers

Boule offering

Boule is the proud owner and manufacturer of its three strong brands Swelab, Medonic and Exigo.

Boule has an over 60 years tradition of developing and manufacturing hematology analyzers for its well-known brands through great expertise within R&D, manufacturing and QA/RA.

Built on Swedish innovation, Boule has established widespread confidence in its different brands by offering its customers proven quality, trustworthy performance and robust systems, within the human and veterinary diagnostic testing segment.

Boule has adopted a multiple branding strategy to reach different audiences and meet consumers’ different needs.

Boule brands

Human hematology analyzers


Building on a proud tradition that dates back to 1956

Swelab hematology analyzers offers several user-friendly technologies that simplify work processes and give the user better control of sample results and patient records. The Swelab analyzer is in the prime of its life, raising quality and reliability to ever-higher levels.


Hematology beyond compromise

Medonic hematology analyzers offer several advanced functions. From small laboratories to medium-sized clinical units, the analyzers deliver a complete blood count, including differential counts of the white blood cells, with outstanding ease-of-use, accuracy, and reliability.

Veterinary hematology & clinical chemistry analyzers


Specifically designed to analyze animal blood

Exigo systems are recognized by veterinarians around the world for their reliable operations and accurate results. The exigo H400 hematology and exigo C200 clinical chemistry analyzers support veterinarians in meeting the special needs of their very special patients.

OEM developments of customized reagents, controls and calibrators

Clinical Diagnostic Solutions, Inc

Production of private-labeled reagents

Through our US division Clinical Diagnostic Solutions, we produce high-quality, cost-effective private-label products for several international medical device companies. We excel at a collaborative process to design, develop, and manufacture products to meet our partners’ exacting specifications.

Disclaimer: Swelab Alfa Plus, Swelab Lumi, Medonic M32, Medonic M51, Exigo H400 and Exigo C200 are not for sale in the USA.

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