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Hematology analyzers for human and veterinary diagnostics


RBC indices can be useful in identifying thalassemia. Several indexes have been suggested for discriminating from iron deficiency anemia.

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In this article, we cover the key indicators to look out for when screening for and diagnosing anemia in animals.

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Platelets (PLTs) help the blood to clot. A low count (thrombocytopenia) may cause excessive bleeding in case of wounding.

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Boule develops, manufactures and markets hematology analyzers, clinical chemistry analyzers, and associated reagents, controls and calibrators for both human and veterinary diagnostic markets.  Boule´s automated hematology analyzers have e. g. been used by clinical laboratories in general health screenings across the globe for more than 60 years. Our blood tests help provide one of the first and most important indicators of a disease state.

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By working close to laboratory specialists, we have become experts on understanding the very special needs within hematology and clinical chemistry testing.

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Customer stories

Dr. Irlanda Mohd Idzham at Klinik Idzham Sdn Bhd in Malaysia thinks the possibility for CBC testing directly from a finger-stick sample is the most important feature of Swelab Alfa PLus. Learn why and read more of our customer stories.


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