Determining a patient’s health status is a complex process that comprises a cascade of activities, from early anemnesis and diagnostic testing to final diagnosis. Learn how Boule’s products and solutions can assist you in this process, while putting the patient in focus.

Seasonal infections

With the Monsoon rains comes many infectious diseases that can pose health risks, such as mosquito-borne malaria and dengue.

Blood banking and donor screening

Challenges of blood collection centers and blood banks include efficient donor screening and quality assurance of the blood products derived from the donated blood.

Hematology testing, combined with rapid and accurate results, is key in efficient processing of donated blood and its safe use in transfusions.

Health screening and patient monitoring

A complete blood count (CBC) is typically the first test requested to monitor a patient’s health status, and the results form the basis for decision-making regarding further testing, diagnosis, and treatment.

Laboratory diagnostic testing

Laboratory diagnostics is one of the cornerstones of healthcare, and test results form the basis for patient diagnosis. Hematology analysis constitutes a cost-efficient tool for health screenings and initial disease investigations.

Veterinary hematology analyzer - Exigo H400 a good investment

Providing clinical relevance while ensuring uptime and reducing overhead costs, a good investment!

Exigo H400 & C200 - The power of combination

Hematology and Chemistry are two frequently used techniques in the veterinary lab, both providing valuable information on their own. In combination however, the two techniques can deliver a much more comprehensive view of the health state and the underlying cause of disease.

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