Veterinary hematology analyzer

Exigo H400

Providing clinical relevance while ensuring uptime and reducing overhead costs, a good investment!

Clinical relevance

Providing clinical relevance to veterinary hematology means knowing the variation in blood cell populations between animals and what is useful in assessment of animal health status. For example, what is the importance of reticulocytes, basophils, and eosinophil counts for different animals?



True EOS Count

The increase in allergies due to intake of processed foods and exposure to parasites has made eosinophiles an important parameter in animal health status investigations. To address this, the Exigo H400 comes equipped with a true, reagent-based eosinophil count.

Special care, for special patients

Working with very small patients that cannot communicate in words adds complexity to sampling. To help reduce the stress level of the animal, Exigo H400 comes equipped with a micro-capillary adapter (MPA) inlet that minimizes the sampling time and sample volume required for analysis, enabling a full CBC from one drop of blood, in just one minute.

Good investment

Robust system design and automatic cleaning can help minimize maintenance needs, while maximizing instrument uptime. Based on well-proven technologies, Exigo H400 brings clinical utility at a favorable cost. All in all, ensuring a low cost of ownership and a good investment!

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