Boule history

Boule´s history goes back to the 1950′s when the founder of Swelab Instrument AB, Erik Öhlin, developed Europe’s first automatic blood cell counter. This is an early predecessor of today’s instruments from Boule. The founders of Boule’s American subsidiary, Clinical Diagnostic Solutions Inc., (CDS) has a similar history from Coulter Corporation which developed the world’s first blood cell counter. Learn more about the history of Boule Diagnostics and the journey to bring hematology testing to the point of care


In November 2022, Boule received IVDR certification for Swelab Alfa Plus and Medonic M32 hematology instruments.

Boule Academy™, a strategic initiative to share and develop knowledge for employees, partners and end users, is launched in 2022.


We revised our strategy to focus even more on our customers and distributors, accelerated our efforts to bring our latest proprietary technology platform and related cloud solutions to fruition. We opened a factory in Russia, a couple of sales offices in Africa and the Middle East and our latest, fully automated, blood controls manufacturing system came online at our facility in the US.


COVID-19 pandemic hit the world and caused significant shifts in demand and buying patterns, impacting customers, end-users and ourselves. Despite all challenges, Boule stayed close to its customers and maintained a strong focus on key development programs.


Boule’s product portfolio is expanded with Swelab and Medonic 5-part hematology instruments, a new Exigo veterinary hematology platform, a new Exigo veterinary chemistry system. Subsidiary in Russia is established.



As a part of the process to bring Boule to the next level, the company reformulates its mission, vision and business concept, and new strategies, targets and core values are implemented.


Boule relocates the Swedish operations to Spånga in north of Stockholm.


A new instrument generation, Swelab Alfa Plus and Medonic M-series M32, are introduced.


A subsidiary in Mexico and sales office in India are established.


Boule is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm.


The Quintus 5-part hematology system is launched.


The Medonic M-series systems receive 510(k) clearance in the USA.


CDS obtains ISO certification, entailing that all companies in the Group now hold ISO 13485 certification.


The company launches a new instrument generation based on a shared platform for Medonic, Swelab and Exigo instruments.


Boule’s hematology system, Medonic CA 620, receives 510(k) clearance in the USA. Boule acquires its partner CDS. The first veterinary hematology system Medonic CA Vet was launched.


Boule establishes reagent manufacturing for blood cell counting in Sweden.


Boule Diagnostics AB and Clinical Diagnostic Solutions, Inc. began their collaboration in 2002. CDS develops, produces and markets reagents and blood controls for clinical diagnostics in hematology.


Boule conducts a private placement to fund the development of the new core business, hematology systems for human and veterinary markets.


Clinical Diagnostic Solutions introduced CDS Brands.


Boule acquires the instrument manufacturer Medonic AB, founded in the 1980s. Boule becomes ISO certified.


Boule acquires the instrument manufacturer Swelab Instrument AB. Clinical Diagnostic Solutions, Inc. was founded in 1997.


Boule Diagnostics AB (’Boule’) is formed as parent company for the Group.


Karo Bio Diagnostics AB is acquired by the present principal owner of Boule Diagnostics AB. Karo Bio Diagnostics AB is a pharmaceutical company focused on the research and development of innovative drugs for unmet medical needs.


Medonic AB is founded by Ingemar Berndtsson and Bram Bottema.


Swelab Instrument AB is founded by Erik Öhlin.


The first European cell counter is developed by Erik Öhlin.

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