Original Equipment Manufacturing of reagents, controls and calibrators

Customized development and manufacturing

Through our US division Clinical Diagnostic Solutions, we produce high-quality, cost-effective private-label products for several international medical device companies. We excel at a collaborative process to design, develop, and manufacture products to meet our partners’ exacting specifications.

What we can do for your company?

We have a high degree of competence in developing products for the medical device industry, more specifically: hematology, flow cytometry, chemistry, and coagulation systems. Our skilled scientific staff is knowledgeable and adaptable, and focus on using high quality materials, workmanship, and documentation practices.

Reagents matching your system

Reagents are designed and developed in conjunction with the analyzer to provide optimized performance and enhanced serviceability of the complete system.


Tailored quality control

Controls and calibrators are designed specifically for the system to ensure correct calibration and quality control measures.

CDS is compliant with FDA quality system regulations and ISO 13485.

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