Original Equipment Manufacturing of reagents, controls and calibrators

Clinical Diagnostic Solutions, Inc

Customized development and manufacturing

Clinical Diagnostic Solutions, Inc. (CDS), a wholly owned subsidiary develops, manufactures and sells hematology reagents and controls for the human and veterinary markets. Additionally, we manufacture various reagents and controls as an OEM for several international medical device companies.

Reagents, Controls and Calibrators

Clinical Diagnostic Solutions, (CDS), produces high quality cost effective private label human and veterinary products; more specifically hematology, flow cytometry and chemistry for several international medical device companies.

CDS´ skilled scientific staff with high degree of competence are knowledgeable, adaptable and focus on using high quality materials, workmanship and documentation practices in developing products for the medical device industry. CDS also excels at a collaborative process to design, develop and manufacture products to meet their partners exacting specifications.

CDS is compliant with FDA quality system regulations and ISO 13485.

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