Work at Boule

Boule is a fast growing and innovative company that develops, manufactures and sells leading systems for routine analysis of blood in human and veterinary health care environments. What you are joining is a company that takes great pride in its products as well as company vision, improving health for everyone everywhere.

At Boule, we provide products and solutions to meet global medical challenges and needs in more than 100 countries through a network of more than 200 distributors. In our global Research & Development, Production, Quality & Regulatory Assurance, Sales & Marketing, Order & Logistics, Finance, Administration and service network, you can always find a stage to showcase your great talent.

Boule Culture

We have colleagues from all over the world working at Boule to improve and maintain the daily work environment and support to our customers. We encourage employees to be courageous, innovative, while putting quality and customers first. In order to succeed, teamwork is important.


Boule values

Our Values support our purpose and help us make the right decisions.
The Values were developed together with the staff by identifying what characterizes Boule. Through our Values, we have created common rules, which we all understand and can relate to internally as well as externally.

Boule Values constitute a cornerstone of the company and help us maintain our strengths.

Human Resources

Boule is a company with a rich history and exciting future ahead!
Every day I am inspired by the level of the expertise and ambitions at the company.

I also love the fact that we are so diverse in backgrounds, ethnicities, personalities, languages, age, you name it! Everyone looks out for each other and steps in and solves challenges together!

I truly believe that trust, empowerment, and good communication are crucial ingredients in building strong teams. And therefore, I am happy to be a part of the organization, where people agenda, thorough leadership and culture are recognized as top priorities.

Aishat Bislieva,
SVP People & Culture at Boule.