Hematology is in our blood

Boule´s expertise

Many years in the field of blood diagnostics form the basis of our expertise in hematology analyzers technologies and formulation of consumables. Boule develops, manufactures, and markets complete blood count (CBC) testing systems for both human and veterinary diagnostics, keeping quality in focus.

Tap into our expertise

A hematology analysis is usually the first test requested by a physician to evaluate a patient’s health status, and automated hematology analyzers are frequently used by clinical laboratories in general health screenings

Your challenges - our focus

Our focus is on everyday challenges in small to medium-sized hospitals, clinics, and laboratories. Our products are tailored to support both the human and veterinary diagnostic testing segments in providing the best possible care. This includes reliable analyzer operations and accurate results, but also covers special features that help minimize discomfort for the patient.

Customized development and manufacturing

Through our US division Clinical Diagnostic Solutions, we produce high-quality, cost-effective private-label products for several international medical device companies. We excel at a collaborative process to design, develop, and manufacture products to meet our partners’ exacting specifications.

Total quality concept

Being one provider of analyzers, reagents, and quality control material helps ensure an unbroken chain of know-how in quality measurements.



Our proud legacy

Our business was founded in 1992, but our history dates back to the 1950′s when Erik Öhlin, the founder of Swelab Instrument AB (now part of Boule Diagnostics), developed Europe’s first automatic blood cell counter, which is an early predecessor of our hematology systems of today.

Tell us about your needs

We operate through our headquarter in Sweden, via subsidiaries in USA and Russia, and through regional sales offices in Mexico, Malaysia, China and India. Our products are sold globally, primarily through distribution partners, supported by Boule’s own local sales and support team.


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