Customer Care

Boule Customer Care aims to provide best-in-class support – no matter question. Qualified representatives of our dedicated team are present on every continent of the world to assist with your questions and service inquiries.

Through Boule Academy we are building a comprehensive online training, adding new digital tools to be better and faster, to meet the demands of today as well as tomorrow. Apply for Boule Academy and other resources using the application form.


Mathias Beer
Customer Care Director

Boule Academy™

Boule partner plattform will offer a new educational excellence platform from which our customers will get access to a wide selection of certified trainings, educations and webinars of various kinds.

Spare parts

Here you will find spare part lists for all our products.

Spare parts file

  • Swelab
  • Medonic
  • Quintus
  • Exigo
  • H50V

How can we assist you?

For best service support submit a ticket and explain how we can assist you (please make sure you have an updated browser to get access).


Service reports

Distributor installation and maintenance reports

Save time and upload your installation and maintenance reports directly to Boule Customer Care via this submission tool (please make sure you have an updated browser to get access). We will confirm the receipt of your report once received and filed.

Boule Customer Care


Boule Document Access

For our Distributors we have supporting documents for our products.
Here´s a selection of what the support portal contains.

  • Service documents
  • User Manuals
  • Marketing materials
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