Boule Academy™

Our educational platform from which our customers and their staff will get access to both digital training,  such as certification trainings and webinars, and onsite trainings. To access the trainings select below.

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Service trainings 2024 for Boule partners

Products Date Place
Exigo C200  4 March Stockholm, Sweden
Exigo H400  5-6 March Stockholm, Sweden
H50V  7-8 March Stockholm, Sweden
Swelab Lumi/Medonic M51 22-24 April New Delhi, India
Swelab Lumi/Medonic M51 20-21 May Nairobi, Kenya
Swelab Alfa Plus/Medonic M32 22-23 May Nairobi, Kenya
Swelab Lumi/Medonic M51 10-11 June Istanbul, Turkey
Swelab Alfa Plus/Medonic M32 12-13 June Istanbul, Turkey
Exigo H400/ Exigo C200 14 June Istanbul, Turkey
Swelab Lumi/ Medonic M51 23-24 September Indonesia
Swelab Alfa Plus/ Medonic M32 25-26 September Indonesia