Total Quality Concept

Boule has, through the company’s presence throughout the value chain for products that guarantee reliability and accurate analysis results, a unique hematology offering. From development and production to installation and use at the end customers, Boule ensures the quality in line with the company’s quality concept.

Internal quality assurance processes are in place the entire way from contracts with subcontractors, throughout production to the completion of the end products. By offering product service and product use training courses, Boule’s knowledge and quality concept cover the entire product life.

The concept is called The Total Quality Concept and the ultimate goal is to offer high-quality instruments and consumables that provide patients a close and accessible, more efficient and safer care.

Get the most out of your Boule analyzer

Boule’s Total Quality Concept spans our products, quality control, and service. Being one provider of analyzers, reagents, and quality control material helps ensure an unbroken chain of know-how in quality measurements.

Boule analyzers

A diagnostic system comprises both the analyzer and its dedicated reagents. Analyzer measurement technology, including the analysis algorithms, and reagents are developed in conjunction and fine-tuned to each other to produce the most accurate patient results.

Boule reagents

Reagent formulations, dilutions, mixing, and reaction kinetics are all carefully matched and optimized to work together. Knowledge of system performance as well as its limitations is especially important at extreme conditions, as Boule hematology systems are used in health screening to identify pathological samples that might need further investigation.

To ensure analytical quality and performance, it is therefore recommended to only use reagents that are specifically designed for the intended analyzer.

Boule Controls and Calibrators

The controls and calibrators are designed specifically for the system to ensure correct calibration and quality control measures. For our hematology systems, the control and calibrator cell populations are matched to the system measurement technologies and analysis algorithms.

Boule service and support

Boule analyzers and reagents are designed to provide optimized performance and enhanced serviceability of the complete system. Our dedicated Customer Care team, with representatives on every continent of the world, will help ensure maximized uptime of your system.

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