Annual General Meeting

The General Meeting is the corporate body’s highest authority in Boule and at this meeting shareholders may exercise their voting rights regarding, for example, disposition of the result of the year, discharge of the Board of Directors and the CEO, election of board members and auditors as well as fees for the board members and auditors. Besides the Annual General Meeting, the company may hold extra General Meetings. In agreement with the rules of Corporate Governance, notice of the General Meetings shall be published in the Post- och Inrikes Tidningar as well as on the company’s website. At the time of the notice, an announcement informing of the notice will appear in Dagens Industri.

Right to attend a General Meeting

All shareholders who are recorded in the register maintained by Euroclear Sweden AB not later than five weekdays prior to the General Meeting and who have notified the company of their intent to attend the meeting not later than the date indicated on the Notice of General Meeting will have the right to vote in accordance with their shareholding. Shareholders may participate in the General Meeting in person or by proxy and may be represented by not more than two people. Shareholders can notify their intention to attend a General Meeting in different ways specified in the Notice of General Meeting.

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