Veterinary hematology analyzer


The H50V is based on reliable technology, offering high quality and cost-effective diagnostics. It is equipped with 13 predefined animal profiles and up to 34 analyzed parameters, making it a flexible system that meets the requirements of many types of veterinary clinics and laboratories. The H50V features a 5-part white blood cell (WBC) differential with results delivered within one (1) minute. It is compact and easy to use with intuitive touch screen interface and comes with a built-in mixer.

H50V - enhancing your diagnostics

Hematology analysis provides a cost-efficient tool for animal health screenings and disease investigations. The H50V provide you with a broad hematology test menu, in-house, for more confident decision making.

Designed for rapid analysis

The H50V utilize laser flow cytometry, impedance and colorimetry technology to provide a true 5-part CBC differential in just one minute. With the ability to provide up to 34 whole blood parameters, it is an excellent option for fast and effortless operation.

High quality yet cost effective

Built on reliable technology, the H50V allow you to leverage high quality diagnostics, while keeping costs to a minimum. With maximized uptime, low sample volume needs, and only four on-board reagents, operations costs are low and predictable.

Compact design and convenient reagent management

Based on a space-saving design including an integrated large touch screen the H50V fits easily in your lab. Additionally, it features a built-in mixer that can handle up to six blood tubes of various sizes, providing superior sample handling while also saving bench space.
The reagents provided with the analyzer have a long shelf life and come in individual changeable bottles of different sizes. This allows for a flexible set-up and reduces the risk of having to throw away expired reagents.

Easy day-to-day operation

The system´s software is self-intuitive with clear buttons highlighting main functions. With Result Bar View you can at a glance see if measured results are within normal range. Deviating samples are also highlighted with pathological indication messages. The system offers connection options that make it easy to exchange patient data.

Flexible use with pre-installed analysis profiles

Equipped with 13 pre-defined animal profiles for both companion, farm and wild animals, the system offers a flexible system to many types of veterinary clinics and laboratories. Analyze samples from Dog, cat, horse, cow, buffalo, rabbit, sheep, rat, mouse, pig, monkey, goat or camel, or add your own custom profile.

Product range

Article name Article no.
H50V Veterinary Hematology System 1440101


Technical Specification
Parameters*: Fully automatic with 25 standard parameters:

RBC, MCV, HCT, MCH, MCHC, RDW_CV, RDW_SD, HGB, PLT, MPV, PDW, PCT, P_LCC, P_LCR, WBC, LYM%, LYM#, MON%, MON#, NEU%, NEU#, EOS%, EOS#, BASO%, BASO# , and 6 research parameters: NRBC%, NRBC#, LIC%, LIC#, ALY%, ALY#,.

3 additional semi-automated research parameters: RET%, RET_ABS, IRF

Display: 10.4 ‘’ Color touch screen
Interface ports: 4 USB ports, 1 LAN port
Throughput: Up to 60 samples/hour
Sample volume: Whole blood sampling mode 20 μL, pre-diluted 20 μL
Dimension: 410 mm (H) × 270 mm (W) × 510 mm (D)
Weight: 26 kg

*Reported parameters may vary according to species
Disclaimer: H50V is only available in Europe.


H50V veterinary hematology analyzer

Introduction to veterinary hematology parameters for Exigo H400 and  H50V

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