Code of Conduct
Boule Supplier and Distributor

Boule is a focused global diagnostics company specialized on near-patient diagnostics delivering product and services worldwide. In the highly regulated world of healthcare, it is vital that all employees at Boule as well as all our partners apply the highest quality and integrity standards to all work and always act in compliance with laws, regulations and follow the spirit of this “Boule Supplier and Distributor Code of Conduct”. Our mutual success is built on good collaboration and conduct of all business with good business ethics. Together we can contribute with diagnostics that will contribute to healthier livings for everyone and everywhere.
When quality issues arise we expect all our partners to take action to improve and speak-up if any non-compliance is observed.



This “Code of Conduct“ sets minimum requirements and expectations with respect to the ethical conduct and apply to all Suppliers and Distributors.

When used in this document, “Boule” refers to Boule Diagnostics AB and all subsidiaries and other companies and entities within the same international corporate group. When used in this document, “Suppliers and Distributors” refers to all suppliers and distributors of goods and services to and from Boule, irrespective of where the company is based.

Ethical conduct

All Suppliers and Distributors are expected to operate in full compliance with all applicable national, government and/or local laws, guidelines and regulations of the countries in which they operate. This ‘Code of Conduct’ goes further; it draws upon internationally recognized standards, in order to advance social and environmental responsibility.

• Suppliers and Distributors shall take all necessary actions to ensure compliance with this Code, without undue delay.
• The Suppliers and Distributors are solely responsible for the costs of complying with the Code.
• If Suppliers and Distributor uses sub-suppliers/distributors, best endeavours shall be used to ensure that its sub-suppliers/distributors comply with the Code.

The latest version of the Code is always available on Boule’s website It’s the responsibility of the Supplier and Distributor to keep up to date with amendments.

The standards set out in the Code are general and do not address each and every situation that an individual may be confronted with in markets around the world. When needed, guidance on the application of the Code to particular situations should be sought from Boule.

For questions regarding the Code, the initial contact person is your normal contact person at Boule, a representative of sales or supply chain as appropriate or the CFO or the CEO at Boule Diagnostics AB in Stockholm.

Business Ethics

Boule’s business philosophy is that we will compete on the merits and integrity of our products, services and people. We do not tolerate or endorse any illegal or corrupt business practices, and we expect the same from our Suppliers and Distributors.

Legal Compliance
The Suppliers and Distributors and its subcontractors shall comply with all applicable national, governmental and/or local laws, guidelines and regulations that are applicable to their business operations. In countries where domestic laws and regulations are in conflict with, or have a different standard than the Code, the Supplier and Distributor must try to find ways to follow the principles that provide the highest protection for the employees and the environment.

Corruption and Bribery
Boule does not tolerate any corrupt practice and requires the Suppliers and Distributors to comply with the anti-corruption and anti-bribery laws and regulations that govern operations in the countries in which the Suppliers and Distributors do business as well as with internationally applicable anti-corruption laws.

The Suppliers and Distributors must ensure that personnel and other persons working on its behalf are aware of and will take all necessary steps to comply with such laws and regulations. A Supplier and Distributor must not directly or indirectly offer, give, promise or authorise any bribe, gift, loan, fee, reward or other advantage to any government official or employee, any customer, any Boule employee or any other person to obtain any business advantage or improperly influence any action or decision. A Supplier or Distributor must never accept to receive a bribe or the promise of a bribe or kickbacks in order to influence a business decision.

Anti-trust and competition laws
Boule’s Suppliers and Distributors are required to adhere to anti-trust and other competition laws. Even the perception of improper conduct must be avoided. The Supplier and Distributor must never agree to coordinate or cooperate with competitors in any way to fix prices, establish a minimum price level, to unify other significant conditions of supply, or in any other way violate the principles of unrestricted competition.

Conflict of interest
Suppliers and Distributors are encouraged to actively work against any conflict of interests in their business dealings. The Supplier and Distributor is required to identify and avoid situations where there is an actual, perceived or potential conflict of interest.

Books and records
It is an absolute requirement that all transactions and expenses incurred on behalf of Boule be accurately recorded and maintained in the Supplier and Distributor’s books, records and accounts in a timely manner and in reasonable detail in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles. False, misleading, incomplete, duplicate, inaccurate or artificial entries in the Supplier and Distributor’s books and records are strictly prohibited.

Export controls and trade restrictions
Suppliers and Distributors must adhere to all applicable national and international foreign trade control laws pertaining to business transactions with countries, companies and persons (sanctions), and the transfer of goods and services between countries (export controls) when doing business with Boule products.

Data Privacy
Suppliers and Distributors must respect the rights to privacy and data protection of their employees, customers,
patients and other individuals they cooperate with. They must adhere to all relevant data privacy laws and comply with contractual requirements on confidentiality and information security.

Intellectual property
Suppliers and Distributors shall respect Boule’s intellectual property rights, protect Boule’s trade secrets, and safeguard business partner information.

Each Supplier and Distributor of Boule shall act with loyalty and honesty towards Boule. This mean that no false or non-complete statements about Boule’s products may be made. Proposals on improvements of the Boule organisation or Boule’s products shall be made to the proper function within Boule. Lies in any form are unacceptable and derogatory remarks regarding Boule or Boule’s products are unacceptable.

Labour and Human Rights

Boule’s Suppliers and Distributors are required to respect all applicable laws, regulations and international standards related to labour practices and protection of human rights.

Non-discrimination and equal opportunities
The Supplier and Distributor shall not discriminate, exclude or have preferences for people based on gender, age, religion, ethnicity, caste, social or national origin, disability, and nationality, membership in workers’ organizations including unions, political affiliation, sexual orientation or any other personal characteristic.

Suppliers and Distributors of Boule adheres to an equal opportunity policy that applies qualification, skill and experience as the grounds for all recruitments and promotions. All employees shall be accorded equal opportunities to develop the knowledge, skills and competence that are relevant to their job.

Freedom of Association and the Right to Trade Unions
The Suppliers and Distributors shall be respectful of their employees’ rights to form, join and organize independent trade unions and freedom of association. The personnel representatives shall be guaranteed access to their members in the workplace. In countries where free and democratic trade union activities are not allowed, the supplier must respect this principle by allowing personnel to freely choose their own representatives with whom the company may enter into a dialogue on workplace issues.

Employees’ have the right to a fair remuneration, as well as the social benefits legally granted. The employees’ wages shall comply, as a minimum, with the national minimum wage. The level of wages shall reflect the skills and education of the employee. Wages and overtime compensation must be paid on time, regularly, complete and directly to the employee.

Working Hours
Applicable national laws, industry standards or collective agreements should be interpreted within the international framework set out by the ILO. Overtime should never expose the employees’ to increased health and safety risks. The employer guarantees employees’ right to breaks each working day and the right to at least one day off every week. National holidays should be respected in accordance with the law or collective agreements.

No Child Labour
The Suppliers and Distributors shall not participate in, or benefit from, the use of child labor. The minimum age for employment is minimum 15 years or the legal national minimum age (in line with the ILO Convention 138 on child labour). If child labour is found, the Supplier and Distributor must take action in the best interest of the child.

Special Protection for Young Employees’.
Ensure that employing young people above minimum age but under 18 years does not jeopardise their education, health, safety, or morals.

Terms of Employment
The employee is entitled to a binding employment contract or document describing the key conditions of their employment, written in a language they understand and as per local regulations and as a minimum.

Workplace Health and Safety
The Suppliers and Distributors shall conform to all applicable health and safety laws and regulations. The Suppliers and Distributors are obligated to identify and resolve health and safety issues in the workplace. The Suppliers and Distributors shall provide employees with a safe and hygienic working environment, appropriate protective equipment and sufficient training to perform their relevant tasks.

Protecting the Environment

Suppliers and Distributors shall comply with all environmental laws and regulations applicable to and related to their business and diligently work towards minimizing the environmental impact of their business. Suppliers and Distributors are expected to perform business practices that conserve and protect the environment, contribute to the community in which they operate, and demonstrate accountability and transparency in relation to their environmental credentials.

Continuous improvement
Suppliers and Distributors shall continually evaluate and improve their products, working methods, production processes and services. Suppliers and Distributors ensure that these changes are executed in a controlled way and are acceptable with the applicable legislation.

Environmentally friendly practices
Methods and standards for waste management, handling and disposal of chemicals and other hazardous materials, emissions and wastewater management must meet or exceed regulatory requirements. The Supplier and Distributor shall strive to minimize energy and water usage in order to conserve supplies and its consumption of natural resources as well as strive for a continuous improvement in respect of air, water, noise and light pollution from its premises.

Consequences of Non-compliance

The underlying objective of this Code is to establish a basis for positive development of responsible practices through regular dialogues and ongoing working relationships.

Failure to observe the Code will be reported to the Supplier or Distributor’s management for their attention and, if necessary, for corrective action. However, non-compliance may be considered a material breach of the agreement with the Supplier and Distributor and may lead to termination of the agreement. Any such termination of any business relationship between Boule and Supplier and Distributor is considered a termination for cause and does not entitle Supplier and Distributor to any kind of compensation.

Boule may conduct announced audits at the Suppliers and Distributor sites in order to verify compliance with the Code. Audits may be performed either by Boule employees or by a third party auditor chosen by Boule.

Raising concerns
Concerns or non-compliance with this Code of Conduct should swiftly be reported through the hotline / Whistleblowing system available at Whistleblowing | Boule