H50V reagents

H50V reagents designed for the specific instrument ensures analytical quality and performance of the hematology system.

Proven performance

The reagent composition is of utmost importance for reliable results. The H50V uses three custom design reagents for WBC, RBC and HGB parameter detection – Lyse, Diluent and Sheath.

Convenient logistics

Reagents and on-board cleaner are available in various sizes offering flexible operation. Simply scan the RFID card on the reagent container and the analyzer stores key information such as lot number, open and expiry dates, and remaining volume.

Secure management

To avoid reagent shortage and to ensure an exact sample dilution each time, Boule adds a small extra volume to each reagent container. To prevent air from entering the system, the small volume that is left in the container when all cycles are consumed should not be used.

Cleaning and blood clot prevention

Animal blood specimens tend to clot and block flow paths. The H50V system features and onboard detergent complemented by external cleaner aspirated through sample probe.


Article name Packaging Article no.
H50V Diluent 10 L, RFID 10 L 1440102
H50V Diluent 5 L, RFID 5 L 1440103
H50V Diluent 1.9 L, RFID 1.9 L 1440104
H50V Detergent 5 L, RFID 5 L 1440105
H50V Detergent 1.9 L, RFID 1.9 L 1440106
H50V Sheath 5 L, RFID 5 L 1440107
H50V Sheath 1.9 L, RFID 1.9 L 1440108
H50V Lyse 500 mL, RFID 500 mL 1440109
H50V Lyse 200 mL, RFID 200 mL 1440110
H50V Probe Cleaner, 100 mL 100 mL 1440111
H50V Reticulocyte stain, 50 x 4 mL 50 x 4 mL tubes 1440112

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