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Boule´s heritage

Boule Diagnostics AB is one of the few companies on the global diagnostics market that develops, manufactures and markets instruments and consumables for blood diagnostics under its own direction.

Boule is a global diagnostics company specialized on decentralized blood diagnostics.

Boule has a strong heritage when it comes to hematology diagnostics. Our blood tests help provide one of the first and most important indicators of a disease state and Boule systems play an increasingly role in helping build the infrastructure of healthcare for small and medium size patient care environments in both human and veterinary diagnostic markets.

Boule operates via subsidiaries in Sweden, the USA, Mexico and Russia. The company products are sold globally primarily through more than 200 distributors and partners in more than 100 countries, supported by Boule’s own local sales and support personnel. The Boule shares are listed on Nasdaq Stockholm since 2011.

Our purpose

We provide versatile, high quality, decentralized diagnostics solutions for everyone everywhere.





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Our history

Our business was founded in 1992, but our history dates back to the 1950′s when Erik Öhlin, the founder of Swelab Instrument AB (now part of Boule Diagnostics), developed Europe’s first automatic blood cell counter, which is an early predecessor of our hematology systems of today.

Our expertise

Boule develops, manufactures and markets hematology analyzers, clinical chemistry analyzers, and associated reagents, controls and calibrators for both human and veterinary diagnostic markets. Boule´s automated hematology analyzers have been used by clinical laboratories in general health screenings across the globe for more than 60 years. Our blood tests help provide one of the first and most important indicators of a disease state.

Boule values

Our Values are strengthening our purpose statements, helping us with making the right decisions.

The Values were developed together with the staff by identifying the unique characterizes of Boule. Through our Values, we have created common rules which we follow, understand and can relate to internally as well as externally.

Boule Values constitute a cornerstone of the company and help us sustain our strengths and focus!

Our capabilities

Boule products are developed, manufactured and distributed from our production facilities in Sweden, Russia and the USA and our diagnostic systems are found in hospitals, reference laboratories and physician office settings around the globe. Boule team members are available on each continent and committed to support our customers worldwide. Together we offer a complete product solution keeping quality in focus.

Boule´s global market

Boule’s offering is aimed at customers in the global market for decentralized blood diagnostics for the human and veterinary segment. The market for decentralized blood diagnostics accounts for more than one fourth of the global market in human segment and mainly comprises small to medium-sized hospitals, clinics and hospitals. Boule has a distributor-based sales strategy with independent regional distributors who market and sell the company’s products.

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