Boule team developes, manufactures and distributes complete product solutions keeping quality in focus


Boule Capabilities

Boule products are developed, manufactured and distributed from our production facilities in Sweden, Russia and the USA and our diagnostic systems are found in hospitals, reference laboratories and physician office settings around the globe. Boule team members are available on each continent and committed to support our customers worldwide. Together we offer a complete product solution keeping quality in focus.

Research & Development

At Boule, we innovate our product portfolio with a purpose. We put the value of the diagnostics itself in focus and with the expertise in various areas, such as engineering, machinery and hematology, we develop analyzers and the reagents used with them.

Our mission is to contribute to ongoing innovations within human and veterinary hematology by working to provide creative new high-value testing and diagnostic technologies for our customers.

In an open and collegial atmosphere, we combine our well-known domain and technical competence with curiosity to understand and improve the value for our customers and the people concerned by them.

We believe in creating together, internally as well as in external partnerships and initiatives.

Jörgen Jehander
Interim Chief Technology Officer

Order & Logistics

Boule´s Order & Logistics Department assists customers worldwide with product information, orders and shipping details, and organize workflows to meet customers expected needs.

To meet targets and objectives in line with customer requirements, we coordinate with other internal functions such as marketing, sales, service, production, purchasing, and finance.

Rana Thörnblad
Global Commercial Excellence Director

Instrument Production

Built on Swedish innovation and with many years experience in manufacturing of hematology systems, our facility in Stockholm, Sweden is one of the most experienced in the business.

Our team of engineers, technicians, and quality professionals are highly experienced in managing supply chains as well as assembly and testing of systems based on multiple complex technologies, including electronics, fluidics, and chemistry.

To ensure quality, most of the manufacturing is done in-house, including all key assembly steps and testing. For the same reason, most key components are sourced from nearby and carefully chosen suppliers.

Key certifications and quality systems ensure the highest quality standards in design and manufacturing are met.

Eduardo Pagani
SVP Consumables, Production and Site Manager

Quality & Regulatory Assurance

Boule’s commitment to quality and compliance begins with the leadership of our Chief Executive Officer and the Senior Vice President of Quality & Regulatory. They ensure effective quality management through consistent implementation of quality systems across Boule’s operations.

Boule employees and business partners are engaged in quality management activities at all stages of a product’s lifecycle. Our employees embrace the Boule Values and are committed to follow applicable laws and regulations as well as Boule policies and procedures to safeguard that our quality and compliance principles meet customer and stakeholder expectations.

Niklas Lundqvist
Head of Quality & Regulatory Affairs Sweden & RoW

Customer Care

Boule Customer Care´s aims is to provide best-in-class support – no matter request. Qualified and dedicated representatives of our team are present on every continent, to assist you with your questions and service inquiries.

Through Boule Academy we are building a comprehensive online training platform, adding new digital tools to be better equipped with more efficient and faster support in order to meet the demands of our customers, today as well as tomorrow.

Mathias Beer
Customer Care Director


Consumable Production

Consumables Production

Boule’s Consumable Production team has produced high quality reagents, whole blood controls, and calibrators for Boule hematology and veterinary analyzers as well as several OEM accounts since 1997.

We adhere to strict regulatory compliance guidelines that allow us to manufacture robust products that our customers can have the utmost confidence in. Our coordination with Boule instruments allows us to provide a complete hematology system solution for customers around the globe.

Boule’s global approach to manufacturing allows us to produce reagents locally near our customers’ locations, providing better lead times and responsiveness. We have developed robust processes which we continually improve by employing advanced manufacturing techniques ensuring the highest levels of quality and customer satisfaction.

Eduardo Pagani
SVP Consumables, Production and Site Manager


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