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Veterinary hematology solutions optimized for your veterinary lab

To be committed to animal health means to always look for solutions that offer the best possible care. This includes accurate results, instrument reliability, species optimization but also meeting the needs of the very special patients that are our family members. Boule´s veterinary systems delivers all these attributes among many others.

With a variety of extensive panels of parameters and pre-installed profiles, they enable mobile practitioners, research facilities, pharmaceutical companies and veterinary clinics to experience the benefits of cost-effective. Designed for ease of use and high-quality analyzers.

Exigo H400 – veterinary hematology analyzer

Designed for reliability, this veterinary hematology analyzer transforms a drop of blood into highly accurate results.

H50V - veterinary hematology analyzer

The H50V is a 5-part white blood cell (WBC) differential equipped with 13 predefined animal profiles and up to 34 analyzed parameters, making it a flexible system that meets the requirements of many types of veterinary clinics and laboratories.

Exigo C200 – veterinary clinical chemistry analyzer

A small, fully automated chemistry analyzer developed and optimized to support animal diagnosis. High quality results on up to 17 parameters from only 100 μl of whole blood, serum or plasma.

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