Clinical relevance of Veterinary hematology parameters

Clinical relevance of Veterinary hematology parameters

Hematology is the most common diagnostic test performed, followed by clinical chemistry. It is important therefore to understand the relevance of each parameter, origin of the cells and their developmental stages and factors that may affect the concentrations and production. 

Veterinary blood is quite complicated due to the varying morphologies and behaviors of cells within different species. 

Anemia is a very common clinical diagnosis generally associated with low Hemoglobin (HGB), hematocrit (HCT) and Red blood cell (RBC) count. There are however different forms of anemia all with varying causes, symptoms and prognosis. 

The severity of the anemia can also be determined through the HCT% values.


To learn more, read the white paper on the introduction of veterinary hematology parameters.

White paper parameters and species Exigo H400_WPE_34071-1

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