This article summarizes tips and pointers on how to improve the platelet count in cats using the Exigo™ H400.

Surgery and anesthesia always pose a risk for the patient and It is therefore recommended undergo a pre-operative assessment.

In fever investigation hematology analysis and clinical data supporting the diagnosis with clinical chemistry can often be of help.

Anemia investigation and diagnosis usually focuses on the animals red blood cell count and associated parameters.

To ensure the well-being and a long, healthy life for the animal, health check-ups are recommended.

Automated hematology analyzers constitute quick and effective screening tools to monitor the overall blood status of a patient.

The variation in cell morphology and behavior between and within different species adds complexity.

Exigo veterinary hematology and clinical chemistry analyzers are specially designed for veterinary use

The possibility to analyze various veterinary animal profiles for complete blood count (CBC) requires a flexible veterinary hematology system.

Indications of abnormal EOS can help screen for related diseases and other clinical aspects.