Blood banking and donor screening

Challenges of blood collection centers and blood banks include efficient donor screening and quality assurance of the blood products derived from the donated blood.

Hematology testing, combined with rapid and accurate results, is key in efficient processing of donated blood and its safe use in transfusions.

Reduce turnaround time

Rapid on-site testing can significantly reduce turnaround time for donor screening. A small benchtop hematology analyzer can help shorten time from sampling to result by omitting the need for sending samples away for analysis.


Save the vein for donation

Blood collection from a fingerstick is easier on the donor and saves the vein for the donation. A hematology system with the capability of reporting a complete blood count from a finger-stick sample can help prevent events related to repeated venipuncture of the donor.


Quality assurance of blood products

The platelet count in PLT concentrates is many times higher than in whole blood samples. A hematology system with a broad measuring range can help reduce the risk of erroneous results by making dilution of PLT concentrates unnecessary.


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