Blood bank application

Processing donated blood efficiently and ensuring its safe use in transfusions require stringent hematology testing combined with rapid and accurate results. The micro-pipette adapter (MPA) of Medonic M32 hematology analyzer allows fast and user-friendly operation to help blood banks in securing these vital objectives.

Rapid pre-donation testing of HGB/HCT, WBC, and PLT

Pre-donor testing helps confirm donor suitability. Key questions to answer include whether or not the individual is suitable for donation, what is the exact platelet (PLT) count (needed for optimal processing) and does the donor have a possible infection. Medonic M32 quickly analyses and presents these parameters, showing hemoglobin/hematocrit (HGB/HCT), PLT and white blood cell (WBC) values as easy-to-understand profiles.

Quality monitoring of key blood components

Accurate monitoring of platelet concentrate facilitates optimal pooling and the equivalent information for red blood cells (RBC) is needed to define the number of cells in each concentrate bag. Medonic M32 quickly generates accurate PLT-C and RBC-C results, all presented in an easy-to-read manner.

MPA function offers fast pre-donation testing

Medonic M32 analyzer features MPA sampling. Simply make a finger stick, draw blood into a special 20 μL micro-capillary tube, slide it into the adaptor, and insert in the analyzer. About one minute later, you view all the key results on the touchscreen. There is no preparation, no pre-dilution, no vacuum tubes and no needles. As well as making fast, pre-donation blood cell determinations, MPA also saves the vein for donation.

Capillary blood sample

1.       Take a finger-stick blood sample.

Micro pipette adapter for blood sample

2.       The MPA adapter lets you analyze capillary samples directly and saves the vein for donation.

Blood count test result

3.       In one minute, key results can be viewed on the touchscreen.

High quality and reliability combined with modern user-friendly functions

Medonic M32 hematology analyzer is well-suited for blood bank applications. The system provides accurate complete blood count (CBC) results and helps in the quality monitoring of PLT and RBC concentrates.

  • Pre-installed with blood bank application with special measurement of high platelet concentrations (PLT-C).
  • PLT-C linearity up to 5000 × 109/L.
  • RBC-C linearity up to 8 × 1012/L.
  • Results with histograms displayed within 50 seconds on a WVGA landscape view color screen.
  • MPA available on all models except Basic.
  • Motor-driven cap-piercing device as option.
  • Auto Sampler model available.
  • Barcode reader included for easy entry of patient ID.
  • Memory for 50,000 samples.
  • Coincidence correction for all parameters.
  • Easy-to-use graphical interface and color touch screen.
  • Maintenance-free shear valve.
  • Easy input of assay values for controls and calibrators by barcode.

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