Veterinary hematology and clinical chemistry analyzers

Exigo H400 & C200

The power of combination

Hematology and Chemistry are two frequently used techniques in the veterinary lab, both providing valuable information on their own. In combination however, the two techniques can deliver a much more comprehensive view of the health state and the underlying cause of disease.


Fever investigations

Hematology count is generally one of the first assessments done in a fever investigation. This provides good input regarding the activation of the immune system and can also distinguish between a viral and bacterial infection. However, to determine that the activated immune response is actually a result of infection and not, for instance, stress or leukemia, clinical chemistry is a great complimentary technique.


Anemia is a health state closely linked to the RBC indices, where low HCT and HGB are very strong indicators. In order to properly treat the anemia, the underlying cause of the disease needs to be established. To do this, the clinician will expand the testing to include important tools such as physical exams and clinical chemistry.



Health Screenings

When the animal has diverse symptoms or just is in need of a- general health checkup, an investigation with minimal effort and maximal return is favorable. The combination of a physical exam, hematology and clinical chemistry will give you a good overview of the overall health status.


Before sedation and operation, in order to take the correct actions and precautions, it is important to assess the status of the patient. For instance, it is good to know the blood count, that the immune system is not compromised, but also to look at electrolyte levels and the biochemistry profile to ensure a successful operation and healthy recovery.


The perfect match

To be committed to animal health means to always look for solutions that offer the best possible care. This includes accurate results, instrument reliability, species optimization but also meeting the needs of the very special patients that are our family members. The Exigo H400 hematology system and the Exigo C200 chemistry system are a perfect match for your clinic.

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