Laboratory diagnostic testing

Laboratory diagnostics is one of the cornerstones of healthcare, and test results form the basis for patient diagnosis. Hematology analysis constitutes a cost-efficient tool for health screenings and initial disease investigations.

Providing insights

A complete blood count, including a leukocyte differential count, provides useful information for health assessments and initial investigations of conditions affecting the blood cells. Hematology testing is therefore highly requested as a first step in, for example, infection and anemia investigations.



Gain efficiency in operations

Automated hematology systems report a blood cell count and a range of other calculated parameters and parameters related to cell size in about one minute. An automation rack that provides constant mixing of queued samples constitutes a convenient walk-away solution.



Ensure equipment availability

Instrument availability is a prerequisite for the capability of reporting critical analysis results. Robust equipment design helps ensure instrument uptime and keeps maintenance and service needs to a minimum.



Enabling reliable analytical performance

An automated hematology system comprises the analyzer and its dedicated reagents. Reagents are developed together with the analyzer to provide optimized performance and enhanced serviceability of the complete system.


Secure measurement quality

Controls and calibrators are designed specifically for the system to ensure correct calibration and quality control measures. Like the reagents, the control and calibrator cell populations are matched to the system measurement technologies and analysis algorithms.


Accurate results start with precise collection

The sampling technique is a critical part of the measurement and reflected in the accuracy of every result you report. Shear valve-guided aspiration allows volumetric measurement that provides the high-precision results that are required for an accurate diagnosis.

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