Boule Diagnostics publishes Annual Report for 2011, and audit report with remark

Boule Diagnostics today published the full annual report for the fiscal year 2011 on In the audit report, a remark has been left regarding the parent company and the area of taxes and fees. Payments for taxes and charges have not been made on time; furthermore the declaration has not been filed on time. The administrative procedures have been corrected so that this problem will not be repeated.

In light of the shortcomings that existed during 2011 in the parent company regarding fees and charges, Boule notes that the delays are not due to lack of liquidity but due to temporary shortcomings in the administrative procedures. The latter has been corrected so that the problem will not be repeated. The delays in payment have only incurred negligible costs for the company.

For more information, please contact:
Ernst Westman, President CEO of Boule Diagnostics AB

Phone: 0708-60 88 63, e-mail:


Om Boule Diagnostics AB
Boule Diagnostics AB is a fast-growing diagnostics company, developing and manufacturing systems and consumables for hematology diagnostics for the public healthcare providers worldwide. The company is primarily focused on small and medium-sized hospitals, clinics and laboratories in outpatient care as well as other diagnostics companies in both human and veterinary haematology. The group is comprised of operating subsidiaries in Sweden, the US and China. Boule Diagnostics’ share is, since 2011, traded on NASDAQ OMX Nordic.


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