Hematology analyzer

Medonic M51


Convenient instrument design

Medonic M51 simplifies work processes and gives the user better control of sample results and patient records. The user interface promotes smooth operation, with menus designed to be simple-to-understand. Instrument features such as the open probe design contribute to a comfortable working environment.

Reliability when it counts

Medonic M51 provides accurate test results from small sample volumes. Stringent material selection and robust design of system components ensure a reliable instrument performance. With a variety of connection options, exchange of patient data between laboratories is greatly facilitated.

Providing you access to sophisticated diagnostics

Its space-saving compact design makes Medonic M51 well-suited for the smaller clinical laboratory. Together with a maximized uptime enabled by the robust system performance, the need of only three reagents ensures cost-efficient operations.

Dr. Ravindra Patwadkar
…The demonstrated performance of Medonic M51 in comparison with the reference system indicates the suitability of Medonic M51 for use in routine hematology analysis…
Dr. Ravindra Patwadkar
Dept. of Pathology, Dr. Hedgewar Hospital Aurangabad, Maharashtra India
… Medonic M51 generated analytical data close to microscopic examination and is a good option for the smaller clinical and hospital laboratories…
Dr. S.P. Ganesan
Hitech Diagnostic Centre (HDC) Chennai India

Medonic M51 provides you the possibility to leverage high-quality diagnostics, while keeping costs to a minimum.

Product range

Article name Article no.
Medonic M51 1620020


29 parameters Reagents 3 RFID locked reagents and one cleaner used for analysis:
RBC, MCV, HCT, RDW-SD*, RDW-CV, HGB, MCH, MCHC Medonic M51-D Diluent
PLT, MPV, PCT*, PDW*, P-LCC*, P-LCR* Medonic M51-L1 Lyse
WBC, LYM#, LYM%, MON#, MON%, NEU#, NEU% Medonic M51-L2 Lyse
EOS#, EOS%, BAS#, BAS% AL#*, AL%*, IG#*, IG%* Boule EasyCleaner


Throughput Aspiration volume Sampling system
60 samples/ hour in CBC mode 45 samples/hour CBC + 5-part WBC differential Open tube aspiration


Display Data storage capacity Interface ports
10.4 inch TFT touch screen 50,000 samples 4 USB ports, 1 LAN port that supports bidirectional HL7 protocol


Printout Dimension Weight
External laser printer or inkjet printer, various printout formats and user-defined formats 364 mm (L) × 431 mm (W) × 498 mm (H) 26.5 kg
PCL 3/5e


CV WBC ≤ 2.0%
CV RBC ≤ 1.5%
CV MCV ≤ 1.0%
CV HGB ≤ 1.5%
CV PLT ≤ 6.0%

*Parameters for research use only

Disclaimer: Medonic M51 is not for sale in the USA

Marketing materials

Medonic M51 hematology analyzer

Clinical performance of Medonic M51 5-part hematology analyzer

Evaluation of the performance of Medonic M51 hematology system

Performance comparison of the entry-level Medonic M51 hematology system with a reference system intended for use in large hospital laboratory settings

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