Boule’s hematology solutions, based on Swedish innovation, are trusted for their robustness and reliability. The objective of the offering is to contribute to a reduced laboratory turnaround time to bring clinical relevance to the decentralized testing segment. Cost-efficiency for our customers enables providing solutions for everyone, everywhere in the world.


Short time to diagnosis and initiation of treatment can increase a patient’s ability to recover from illness. Our analyzers are designed for simple operations to support use under challenging conditions.


Reporting of patient sample results depends on instrument uptime. A robust design that reduces maintenance and service calls ensures instrument availability.


CBC testing is performed in virtually all clinical laboratories, as results support decision-making for further testing and treatment plan. Parameter values, also visualized in histograms, provides valuable clinical insights for use in initial disease investigations.


Digital technologies such as internet of things (IoT) facilitate interaction between the central laboratory and its satellite units. Our aim is to bridge the gap between site for testing and location of expertise.