Boule Academy Workshop

Boule Academy was launched by Boule as an initiative to share and grow knowledge for all people working with Boule; employees, partners and end users alike.
We now invite you partners to a workshop where the aim is to discuss what Boule Academy is, how we can improve it and what the future might look like.The live event will be interactive and we encourage you all to contribute with your ideas and feed-back during the event.
Let us shape the future of Boule Academy together!

Sofié Olander, Scientific Affairs Manager
Mattias Isaksson, SVP Marketing
Date | Time | Duration:
2022-03-29 | 09:00 CET | 2 hours
2022-03-29 | 15:00 CET | 2 hours
Choose one of the alternatives above.

Who should attend:
Service, sales and marketing personnel from all partner companies.

Register here:
Register for the workshop in the Boule Academy platform*. Please note that the webinar is available at two occasions, make sure to register for the one most convenient for you.
*In order to get access to the event, you need to be a registered user in Boule Academy. If you are not already a registered user, please register at the account will be activated within 24h.

We look forward to meeting you online!
Boule Academy



Mattias Isaksson

Senior Vice President Marketing
I have 25 years of marketing and sales experience from a variety of industries, all connected by a strong belief in education as a means to build bridges and creating common value. When I joined Boule in October 2021, I recognized the same dedication to education.


Sofié Olander

Scientific Affairs Manager
I joined Boule 1,5 years ago with a focus on scientific affairs and education. My background is cross-functional, and includes several roles both within research and the commercial arena. I am passionate about the diagnostics world and thrive when I get to discuss this with other engaged individuals.