Interpretation of a histogram, veterinary focus

This webinar will focus on how to interpret the histogram of RBC, PLT, WBC and EOS to facilitate the understanding of the abnormal histogram and excerpt that extra information that will help you on your way to set the correct diagnosis.

The webinar will cover;
• The CBC graphs
• Normal histograms
• Abnormal histograms
• Veterinary patient cases

Date| Time | Duration:
2022-09-13| 14:00 pm CET| 1,5 hours

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Gabriel Alias, Biomedical Scientist. Senior Applied Hematologist

“I have more than 15 years of experience in laboratory diagnostics and Applied Hematology. My greatest interest in working life is quality, problem solving and new ideas and paths, enforcing them and seeing concrete results. Problems of all kinds are there to be solved, and these are challenges I enjoy. As a person, I am very helpful and always have a positive mindset.”

Gabriel Alias Biomedical Scientist. Senior Applied Hematologist, Sweden