Management of bleeding emergencies in small animals

In this webinar session, we will be presenting on the topic of transfusion medicine for animals, including relevant details describing:

– Indications for transfusion medicine

– Blood products

– Donation and transfusion

– Adverse reactions

– The animal blood bank


Further we will present different case studies in the different clinical conditions, its diagnosis and treatment.

Dr Chandrasekar, BVSC, MVSc, PhD.

Date | Time | Duration:
2023-05-30 | 2pm CEST | 1.5 hours

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Dr Chandrasekar, BVSC, MVSc, PhD


Dr Chandrasekar is involved in teaching, research and veterinary clinical medicine activities, with a primary interest in small animal internal medicine and veterinary medical oncology. He is the Principal Investigator in various DBT, DST, industry-supported research projects and has also served on the editorial board of various scientific journals and has guided many PhD, MVSc, PG Diploma students. Dr Chandrasekar has undergone research study in medical oncology in Michigan State University, and has delivered lectures in various scientific forums and has been a faculty in hands-on workshops. He is a recipient of numerous awards in various conferences and from veterinary bodies.