Preanalysis, human hematology

This webinar will focus on the preanalytical procedure for human hematology samples, and give insight into
the different variables that might affect the hematology result.
The webinar will cover:
• Normal reference ranges and different biological variations that can affect these
• Sampling procedure (venous/capillary)
• Transport and storage of blood sample
• Preparation of analyzer
• Sample preparation for analysis in different inlets (OT/MPA/Predilute)

Anette Lindström, Biomedical Analyst, Boule Medical
Gabriel Alias, Biomedical Analyst, Boule Medical

Date| Time | Duration:
2023-01-31| 14:00 pm CET| 1,5 hours

Who should attend:
Everyone interested in increasing their knowledge within pre-analytical procedures and potential variations
linked to this. For this webinar, we also encourage participation of end users, please forward the meeting link
to your respective customers or potential new customers.

Link to the webinar:
14.00 pm CET- Press here
We look forward to meeting you online!