Sickle Cell Disease

In this webinar session, we will give a wide presentation of Sickle cell anemia, including relevant details describing:
• The nature of the disease
• Epidemiology
• Pathogenesis
• Clinical manifestations
• Diagnosis
• Complications

Further we will discuss current trends in management, and potential areas of improvement to promote favorable health outcomes and quality of life for people living with the condition.The role of the community and institutional collaboration in reducing the incidence of Sickle cell disease will also be addressed.

Dr. Charles Adeogun
Date| Time | Duration:
2022-04-26| 13.00 pm CET| 1,5 hours

Who should attend:
Boule affiliates and end users who wish to broaden their knowledge of Sickle cell disease in order to get a clear
understanding of the relevance of hematological analysis in clinical management and monitoring.

Link to the webinar:
13.00 pm CET – Press here

We anticipate a robust and worthwhile webinar session, welcome!

Dr. Charles Adeogun
Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria, The Nigerian Medical Association
Rennaisance Medical Centre, Occupational Health Prime hospitals in Lagos, Nigeria
Dr. Adeogun holds a Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery from the University of Lagos, Nigeria, and is a committed Physician with experience from both Public and Private practice. He has a good track record of excellence in patient care and clinical practice for over 13 years.
Over a decade of clinical exposure has presented diverse occasions to manage the condition across several age brackets. During that said time, Dr Adeogun has had the opportunity to share not only the clinical management, but also the details of the anxieties, trauma and pressure experienced by sufferers and their loved ones and
unfortunately some deaths from the condition.
Dr Adeogun strongly believes that top notch Laboratory Diagnostics is a major bedrock for sharpening the
diagnostic acumen, reducing cases of misdiagnosis, treatment success monitoring and institution of appropriate timely intervention as necessary in the ever-dynamic field of healthcare.