When the CBC cannot be trusted

This webinar will focus on sample related factors that might affect the hematology result, how to detect them and how to act upon them.

The webinar will cover factors such as:

  • Cell clumping
  • Abnormal cells
  • Interferences
  • Contamination


Dr. Dhulfiqar Arab, Head of the pathology department & laboratory services, Al-Najaf teaching hospital


2023-12-06/ 14:00 pm CET/ 1,5 hours

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Dr. Dhulfiqar Arab

Dr. Dhulfiqar Arab

Head of Pathology & Laboratory services, Al-Najaf teaching hospital

Dr. Dhulfiqar Arab graduated from the Medical College/University of Kufa, Iraq in 2007 (Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery), after which he became general doctor offering medical services in different hospitals for two years. He then joined the fellowship & membership programs of the Iraqi board for medical specialization, 2012 to 2017, and earned the title of specialist doctor in hematopathology.
Dr. Arab has participated in many training programs & medical conferences throughout Europe and Middle East, and has also organized and conducted many local conferences and symposiums.
Dr. Arab holds a good experience in diagnostic hematology with a special interest in immunophenotyping techniques as well as different techniques applied in coagulation disorders and hematological disorders.