Flexibility between species

Exigo™ H400 veterinary hematology analyzer, allowing for flexibility between species

The possibility to analyze various veterinary animal profiles for complete blood count (CBC) requires a flexible veterinary hematology system. Exigo H400, due to the simplicity in adding profiles with minor software adjustments, has several times been used in evaluations for new profiles such as dolphins, monkeys, elks, hedgehogs, sugar gliders, etc.

How can bears manage to hibernate without get any medical conditions such as muscle loss, osteoporosis, heart failure and bedsores?

Scientists have long been mysteriously wondering how bears manage to hibernate without eating, drinking, urinating and only lying still and still manage to withstand any medical conditions such as muscle loss, osteoporosis, heart failure and bedsores.

A group of scientists, in collaboration with the Scandinavian Brown Bear Research Project, as well as other researchers in Europe and the US, took on the challenge and spent about six years researching the matter. Several studies overlooked the bears metabolism, kidney function, cardiovascular system, muscle chemistry, etc. Research showed tremendous physiology differences between the bears stages of awakening and hibernation (1).

One of the test areas included hematology parameters, in particular the platelets (PLT), as the scientists were interested in coagulation and possible strokes or thrombus formations. Exigo H400™ was lent to a group of the scientists working in Orsa, Sweden to monitor PLT.


Veterinary hematology analyzer – Exigo H400

Exigo H400 is tailored to be adapted to various settings and to cater different species. In this study, a separate Bear profile was created with specified normal reference ranges. The normal ranges used were taken from a study done on the Swedish Ursus arctos brown bears, the same species that was to be part of the experiment.

Table 1. Normal ranges for Ursus arctos, brown bears, in Sweden (2)


Exigo H400 is designed to be flexible allowing for new animal profiles and species to be added. To read more, download the white paper regarding Exigo normal reference ranges (3).


“It was a pleasure to work with the Blood analyser, it really built the foundation for our research ambition. I was especially impressed about the accuracy of the device when it came to isolated blood cell populations like platelets.”

Jan Strecker, PhD student, AG Petzold, Medizinische Klinik und Poliklinik I, Forschungslabor B, Room 321, Ludwig-Maximilians Universität München

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  3. WP normal reference ranges

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