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Exigo H400 Hematology analyzer design for platelet count

Exigo H400 Hematology analyzer design for platelet count


Figure 1. Passing-Bablok regression graphs (left) and Bland-Altman difference plots (right) PLT, showing agreement between the Sysmex XT-2000iV (reference) and the Exigo H400 (test) hematology analyzer for cat PLT count. In regression plots, the gray line is the line of identity (x=y) and the red line is the line of best fit. In difference plots, the gray line is the line of identity, the dark blue line is the bias (mean difference between measurements), and the dashed blue lines are the 95% limits of agreement.

Exigo H400 MPA module facilitates cat sample analysis

Exigo H400 is equipped with a micropipette adaptor (MPA) designed to simplify capillary blood sample collection and analysis. The MPA functionality is especially suited for cat samples with suspected PLT aggregates. By running the cat whole blood sample using the MPA sampling method, the largest PLT aggregates are prevented from passing through. When the blood is flushed using diluent to the mixing cup, the sample is mixed with reagent, allowing potential smaller aggregates to be dissolved. The greater surface area to volume of the EDTA-coated microcapillaries, compared with EDTA test tubes, is also a factor that can contribute to less aggregation of the PLTs.


Read more about Exigo H400 analyzer designed for optimized system performance in the Exigo H400 tech note.

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