Frequency of anemia in children reinforces the need of nutritional supplementation programs in Pakistan

Latif and coworkers studied the prevalence of anemia in children in Pakistan. Results show an anemia frequency of 64.6%, with the highest percentage in the age group 1 to 59 months, indicating the necessity of interventions such as iron supplementation and food fortification at mass scale.

In this study, Medonic M32 hematology system was used.

Latif, M., Bin Ayaz, S., Manzoor, M., Ishaq, M. Frequency and severity of anemia in children less than 15 years of age at Gwadar Development Authority Hospital, Gwadar, Baluchistan. Pak Armed Forces Med J 68, 1088–1092 (2018).

Lab technican with Medonic M32 hematology analyzer


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