Association between vitamin D deficiency and anorexia with malnutrition in Iraq

Studies have shown that loss of appetite and weight can be a symptom of vitamin D deficiency. These findings were confirmed by a study in Iraq. As the results are more distinctive for girls, the authors conclude that this observation could be due to the type of clothing girls wear, covering a large part of their body, and that girls tend to spend less time outdoors compared with boys, thereby reducing the sun exposure that is essential for vitamin D synthesis.

In this study, Swelab Alfa Plus hematology system was used.

Al-Obeidi, R.A and Al-Numan, A.H. Study of low vitamin D among children with anorexia in Sulaymaniyah, Kurdistan region, Iraq during summer months. Saudi Med J 40, 1129–1133 (2019)

Lab technican with Swelab alfa Plus hematology analyzer

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