Differences in hematology parameters between HIV positive/negative

In a Nigerian study, HIV-positive pregnant women were found to exhibit lower HCT and WBC and higher ESR than their HIV-negative counterparts. The mild anemia could be the result of decreased production or increased destruction of the RBCs, whereas the low WBC count could be caused by myelosuppression or depletion of CD4+ T‑cells from the virus itself. The observations could also be an effect of treatment with AZT‑containing antiretroviral drugs.

In this study,  Swelab Alfa Plus hematology system was used.

Abdulqadir, I., Gumel Ahmed, S., Gwarzo Kuliya, A., Tukur, J, Abba Yusuf, A., Umar Musa, A. Hematological parameters of human immunodeficiency virus positive pregnant women on antiretroviral therapy in Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital Kano, North Western Nigeria. J Lab Physicians 10, 60–63 (2018).

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Anemia can be caused by a range of conditions and symptoms. A complete blood count help identify the underlying cause.

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