Green graphene sheets can be used for stent coating to increase their life time use

Small stents are typically used in balloon angioplasty to hold the coronary artery open after the balloon is removed. Stainless steel stents with functional couting are often used for this intervention. A medical stent has been developed by ElSawya and coworkers using environmentally friendly and cost-effective graphene sheets for an enhanced performance. No PLT adhesion or negative effects on RBC and WBC counts were found after exposure to the graphene sheet-coated stent.

In this study, Swelab Alfa Plus hematology system was used.

ElSawya, A.M., Attiab, N.F., Mohamedd, H.I., Mohsenf, M., Talaatf, M.H. Innovative coating based on graphene and their decorated nanoparticles for medical stent applications. Mater Sci Eng C 96, 708–715 (2019).

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In November 2022, Boule received IVDR certification for Swelab Alfa Plus and Medonic M32 hematology instruments.

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The result of this study is the first to analyze hematological parameters in a large sample of Siberian tigers.

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