Interview with Helena Börjesson, CTO

Helena Börjesson has been CTO at Boule since September 1, 2020. Helena has successfully led development units that have delivered high-tech innovation in the form of market-leading products and services in medtech, telecom and other industries for many years.

What do you bring with you from your previous medtech career?

Driving innovation in a complex regulatory environment is challenging. The key to success is cracking the code. My previous experience in medical technological innovation has
given me tools and approaches that will facilitate the process going forward at Boule.

What is most exciting aspect of developing blood diagnostic instruments?

The most exciting aspect is that diagnostics are of such benefit to both patients and society in general. As an engineer, I love making the technology available so that it creates benefits.
Blood can provide a lot of information about both our general health and a variety of diseases.

What is the purpose of the platform project and what does it mean for Boule now and in the long term?

All development is about delivering as much value as possible for every krona that is invested. For our portfolio, we see great benefits in creating a technical platform that can be effectively
combined to create product variants for different customer segments, markets and needs.

How will Boule work with product development in the future?

We base our development on our solid knowledge and experience in blood diagnostics. In order to broaden our horizon and create opportunities forfurther development, we intend to increase external collaboration with both technical and clinical expertise, as well as through creative collaboration with academia and healthcare and with commercial partners.

How will you ensure that Boule works with innovation and development of the highest quality instruments?

Our innovation is driven by putting the benefits and value of diagnostics in focus. Our overall aim is to provide modern technological concepts in such a way that users can focus on the results that our solutions deliver.

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