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Science House Medicals is not just Boule’s distribution partner based in Bhopal, India, but also a provider of diagnostic services to government healthcare facilities. As part of a public-private partnership (PPP), utilizing government’s will for social good and private sector’s ability to support infrastructure and enhance service standards, Science House Medicals has been awarded a hub-and-spoke type of project by the government of Madhya Pradesh.

Primary health Centre India

Science House Medicals, Primary health Centre India


Under this project, they will operate 324 hub laboratories and 1690 spoke centers in both urban and rural areas, meaning a presence at about every 7.5 km. This way, patients will neither need to travel long distances nor wait for long periods to get timely medical care. Blood collected at the regional centers is transported by motorcycle or drone for testing at the hub laboratory. Results are reported back to the regions through LIS/HIS connection, with a turnaround time of about 1 to 1.5 hour.

Blood collected at the spoke is getting tested at Hub

Blood collected at the spoke is getting tested at Hub


We asked Mr. Jitendra Tiwari, Director at Science House Medicals, to share his thoughts on this very patient-centric approach.

  • The benefits to the patients are obvious, but which are the main benefits of this PPP project for Science House Medicals?
    • with 65% spokes are active, daily collection is more than 10K per day. When all 1690 spokes for the first phase will be commissioned in next three months, the collection will reach more than 16K per day. All these samples were tested in private segment where our stake is low. So, Science House got tremendous gain in terms of market share in its operating segment. Above all, as one of the directors of Science House, my biggest gain is to be a part of such Nobel project of MP Government where the underprivileged are provided with diagnostic services of international standard.
  • Do you think that we will see more of similar PPP projects in the future?
    • the next phase of this model is to establish 16000 primary healthcare centres and nearly 690 Sanjivani Kendras* and one can imagine the number of sample load per day once this dream of MP Government comes true
  • What type of test are mostly requested?
    • CBC and Routine clinical chemistry tests and some rapid card tests are requested for every samples. Critical patients and female subjects are often prescribed for hormones and other immunological analysis. Seriously ill patients are directed to the rural hospitals and bigger facilities.

*Sanjivani Kendra are polyclinics for treatments of patients with non communicable diseases like heart patients, diabetic patients, high blood pressure, and arthritis.

Mr. Jitendra Tiwary

Mr. Jitendra Tiwary, Director at Science House Medicals


At Boule, we are thankful for all our global partners that share our vision to improve health for everyone, everywhere.

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