WBC level is shown to be associated with COVID-19 disease severity

In a collaborative study, UK and Iraq scientists investigated the correlation of inflammation biomarker levels with the progression of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID‐19) disease. Results show that WBC levels, together with troponin, D‐dimer, and CRP, were significantly correlated with severity of disease. Compared with unrelated COVID‐19 patient control, high WBC and troponin levels were also associated with families that lost two or more members.

In this study,  Medonic M32 hematology system was used.

Ali, A.M., Rostam, H.M., Fatah, M.H., Noori, C.M., Ali, K.M., Tawfeeq, H.M. Serum troponin, D‐dimer, and CRP level in severe coronavirus (COVID‐19) patients. Immun Inflamm Dis 10:e582 (2022).

Lab technican with Medonic M32 hematology analyzer

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